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The office

Your office environment is more than essential items like paper, desks, and printers... there’s the less seen but none-the-less equally important items like cleaning supplies, coffee and tea, first aid and of course health and safety.

We believe a broad sphere of office related products are what you are entitled to expect, so these and many more can be supplied by Leonards at exceptional value for money. If something isn’t a stock item or is hard to find, Leonards will do all the work sourcing it for you so you can focus on your business.



With prompt, next day free delivery delivery on all office stationery and supplies, we make sure that your office never runs short of refils!



Stationery is an office essential and no less important than high value expenditure like printers and furniture. Leonards recognise this and attach equal importance to their supply and delivery because ultimately, the value is in our service to you the customer.

Our choice of available office products is extensive and can be viewed in our Business Supplies Catalogue, which includes everything from diaries and planners to envelopes and labels.

Printed stationery is also available through Leonards and includes items such as headed paper, printed envelopes, and business cards etc; Simply let us know what you require, and we will take care of it for you.

What we offer:

We offer a comprehensive range of office stationery at highly competitive prices. Contact us for a catalogue.

  • FREE next day delivery on all office stationery and supplies.
  • Helpful, friendly advice to help you choose the right products.
  • Decades of experience!

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Leonards Norwich Ltd repair all office equipment; fax machines, typewriters, laminators, shredders, computers/laptops, dictation machines and copiers.


Your chair is part of the environment you work in and as such, an integral part of the process by which you do your job. As with all office furniture, it needs to be considered along with the component parts that make up this crucial space - desking, lighting, storage, and a host of other elements.


Cant find a supplier of typewriter ribbons? We can help! The only reseller in Norwich to maintain high stock levels of all makes/models of typewriter ribbons whether your machine is 2 years old or 90!